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How UHDPE sleeves and epoxy coating helped extend marine pile longevity is Raysut

With splash zone corrosion damaging steel piles above the water level and tidal movement of pontoon guides over the piles creating abrasive damage through gradual reduction of thickness and added exposure to corrosion, a solution needed to be found.

The scope of the job involved dredging of the channel entrance and installation of steel pontoons with steel tubular piles inside the harbour breakwater.

The piles were coated with Glass flake Epoxy of 500 microns and this worked well with the pile guide’s Teflon (PTFE) pad.

For the first time in Oman heat shrinking of UHDPE (Ultra High density Poly ethylene) sleeves 2mm over the pile was done – the same process has been tried and tested in the UAE and has given the piles a service life of 8 to 10 years.

The subject project pile was tested during the worst of sea conditions and this included a cyclone.

After more than a year there are no visible defects.

For Marinas and clients with higher budgetspile sleeving with a pile guide fitted with PTFE pads or rollers is recommended.

For commercial fishery pontoons Glass Flake epoxy coating with Teflon pads for pile guide would be adequate.

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